Food Bags

Women shopping for groceries donated by Israel Relief Aid for womens shelter

Thanks to YOU

Thanks to lovers of Israel and our compassionate friends who lend a hand towards homeless men and women in Israel, Israel Relief Aid has been able to send a month’s worth of food to two shelters in Beer Sheva. 

Rocket launch

We Didn’t Know!

When it was decided to prepare food bags for Sderot in August much earlier, little did we know that a military conflict was going to break out this month in the area of Sderot and a thousand bombs shot into…

City of Sderot5

Sderot – Bombs . . . and Food Bags?

You may have heard that Sderot (Israeli city next to Gaza Strip) and the surrounding areas have recently been bombed by Palestinian terror groups again.  That means the traumatic red dawn alerts send men, women and children running in fear…