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Jerusalem, Israel

Israel in Turmoil

So, this small land of Israel is in turmoil. Israel Relief Aid is stepping up to help.  Currently we have a project of packing food bags (which are kosher for Passover) and will be delivered to poverty-stricken families in Bat…

PoorEyesight 1

An Unexpected Blessing

Meir, a middle-age autistic adult (he is able to speak but still needs daily oversight), lives at home with his senior mother and his sister Mayan in the central district of Israel, west of Jerusalem.  Mayan, Meir’s older sister is…

Purim gifts for kids event 2

Purim Gifts for Kids Update

As reported in Times of Israel on 3/17/20, the Health Ministry announced widespread new restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus, requiring Israelis not to leave their homes unless for essential needs.


Pesach Cleaning Time

Every Israeli homemaker knows what happens after Purim . . . “spring cleaning”!  The real and symbolic cleaning that is done for Passover is the deepest possible cleaning.  Cleaning everything that hasn’t been cleaned for a year.  As we are…


Operations Update

Coronavirus We’ve been affected by the coronavirus!  Since China is a dominant country in the container shipping industry, the virus has affected global container shipping, and that includes our containers.