Let’s Feed Homeless Israelis in December!

For the month of December, Israel Relief Aid will be reaching out to the poor at the Tel Aviv Homeless Café.

Many Israelis have fallen on hard times with the constant strain of not knowing where their next meal will come from.

Giving to the destitute by providing them a basic need of a free meal is a joyful thing to do.

Bulk food stuffs like (sugar packets, black tea, cornflakes, lentils, rice, pasta, buckwheat, etc.) will arrive and teams will prepare the food in big pots.

There are teams all over the country who give freely of themselves in coming to cook and serve the “down and out’ who come to eat, and listening to their stories.

The café gives out 500+ meals a week!


Just think how even one homecooked piping hot meal can keep them going and put a smile on their face! Join in and feed the homeless in Israel!  (Just click on Donate button)  

“The generous will themselves be blessed for they share their food with the poor.”