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Jo Kaplan, Chief Executive Officer
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Max Veenstra
Chairman The Netherlands
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Ukraine Project Rescue Update: Meeting The Basic Needs

 In Cherson, Ukraine, pictures have been received showing two types of distributions:  food and blankets. Let’s keep supporting the European team who is trucking goods into Ukraine and the surrounding countries to help the Ukrainians inside and outside of the…

Ukraine Project

Rescue Project Update

Israel Relief Aid European partners received a gift of life:  a donation of water in large water barrels.  This water has been transported to Moldova villages (where Ukrainians have fled) but now there is no drinking water available.    We…

Glimpse into Continuous Distribution

Israel Relief Aid’s partner network in the Ukraine area has not let up continuous distribution from warehouses in Europe direct to Ukraine. This distribution was the most important item that can be given:  food.  And the most basic – bread. …

Donate Now for Ukrainian Emergency Relief!

Israel Relief Aid Partner “RESCUE PROJECT” has an extensive team and network in Eastern Europe with the purpose of supporting Ukrainian refugees in Ukraine, Poland and neighboring countries. All forms of transport means are being used to bring people to…