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Shavuot is Arriving Soon

Shavuot is Arriving Soon

On the Israeli holiday of Shavuot (also called Pentecost (begins May 25 this year), Israelis will read the book of Ruth: “wherever you go, I will go; and where you lodge, I will lodge, your people shall be my people”.  

This saying was the words of Ruth of Moab (today, Jordan).  As Ruth followed that promise, she ultimately married into a family of wealth.  

However. today, the people of Jordan are not saying this to Israel, but exactly the opposite. 

Shavuot is Arriving Soon
Shavuot is Arriving Soon

With a heart of reconciliation between hard-core Muslim Arabs and Christian Arabs/Jews, Israel Relief Aid will provide food bags packed and distributed by Israeli Christian Arabs in the name of Israeli Jews to Muslim families in poverty.  It’s very special because the Muslim men ask, why do the Jews want to give us food?  From there, many interesting conversations are had and answers given.

Holocaust Survivors and families in poverty are not being left out of May’s food projects though.  In Tzfat in the north, Israel Relief Aid is partnering with a volunteer group from the US to distribute food bags there specifically to Holocaust Survivors and the needy.

You are invited to join these two projects, to continue to help change hard hearts and the weary of Israel.  This month, Israel Relief Aid has a matching challenge $1 for $1 up to $8000.  You can double the aid efforts with every donation!