Chevra–Israel Relief Aid
711 W. Main Street, Box 110
Ovilla, TX 75154

In Israel

Jo Kaplan, Chief Executive Officer
P. O. Box 190, Modiin, Israel
Tel: +972-50-487-8527

In Netherlands

Max Veenstra
Chairman The Netherlands
Tel: +31-65-052-5062

Latest Reports

Israel to Receive Winter Warm Container

Around 2000 new first class airline comforters, 3 pallets of pillows and pillowcases, over 600 cartons of clothing, a pallet of new blankets and another 100 large bags of clothing were loaded into an Israel Relief Aid container and trucked…


Jerusalem . . . One Would Think

A trip one hour away to Jerusalem, one would think, should be no big deal for anyone in the central region of Israel.  Only one hour away.  Jerusalem, the eternal, holy city!  One would think that every citizen in this…

On the Hills of Tsfat and Nazaret Ilit

Some of the coldest places in Israel are in the Upper Galil mountains and hills.  Tsfat is one of Israel’s largest cities in the upper north of the country.  When snow comes, Tsfat is one of the first places it…

Tu b’Shvat . . . in Israel

Tu b’Shvat (or the 15th day of the Israeli month of Shvat) is the holiday for numbering years of trees and their fruit.  According to original Israeli law, tree fruit was not always allowed to be eaten, . . .…