Chevra–Israel Relief Aid
711 W. Main Street, Box 110
Ovilla, TX 75154

In Israel

Jo Kaplan, Chief Executive Officer
P. O. Box 190, Modiin, Israel
Tel: +972-50-487-8527

In Netherlands

Max Veenstra
Chairman The Netherlands
Tel: +31-65-052-5062

Latest Reports

Seeing Isaiah in Jerusalem

Israel Relief Aid was excited to take a busload of Holocaust Survivors, disabled and widows living under the poverty line to Jerusalem to see Isaiah  . . . the scroll in its original form, that is . . . at…

An Upgrade for Israeli Orphans

The Israeli Youth Village concept in regards to orphans started back at the beginning of the State when parents had died, or were not physically able to care for their children. So the children lived together and were schooled in…

Senior receives aid from Sderot aid center

Sderot is Excited

The Tikva center in Sderot is so excited that we committed this month’s event to them for bomb shelter supplies.

A Trip to Jerusalem They Can’t Afford

Israel Relief Aid, in partnership with a local center, organized a tour to Jerusalem’s Western Wall, including a hot lunch for a busload of impoverished Israelis/Holocaust Survivors who would otherwise never get to go.  The history of the Western Wall…

Shavuot-Never to Be Missed

Shavuot, or Feast of Weeks, is an Israeli holiday in the month of Sivan.  It falls seven weeks after the Passover holiday and is counted specifically so that no one misses which day it is supposed to fall on.  This…

May Project: The Ben Shemen Day Center

As promised, Israel Relief Aid showed up at the Ben Shemen Day Center for Disabled young Israelis with a huge load of their requested hygenic supplies that will keep the center in tidy situation for quite a bit of the…