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Jo Kaplan, Chief Executive Officer
P. O. Box 190, Modiin, Israel
Tel: +972-50-487-8527

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Max Veenstra
Chairman The Netherlands
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Latest Reports

Ethiopian Children

If You Had to Pick

In Israel there are so many various sectors that are struggling, it can be hard to choose which sector you will bless.  Yet, the “least of these” is who we were looking for, the least ones of the all the…

Missing Something for the Orphans

Outdoor seating including a table is an ideal and efficient place to get out of 4 walls, breathe some fresh air, do homework, enjoy the company of friends – it’s a real upgrade. 

Ethiopian Children

In Jerusalem, You Give Them a Chance

Israel Relief Aid’s school supplies project changes the lives of these children.  We give them the chance to succeed by providing them with a full variety of school supplies that are needed.

Jerusalem – Feeding the Poor

Israeli Holocaust Survivors, disabled, widows and others living under the poverty line in the central district were driven up to Jerusalem recently in July for a full lunch in the city, along with a visit to the Western Wall and…

Men Unloading Israel Relief Aid Container

What Was Free in Ashdod and Haifa Today?

Today (July 10, 2019), an aid container for 28 aid centers quickly unloaded at Ashdod at 6 a.m. in the morning, and 9:30 a.m. in Haifa without any unloading cost, nor transport to all the centers.  The aid centers are…