Chevra–Israel Relief Aid
711 W. Main Street, Box 110
Ovilla, TX 75154

In Israel

Jo Kaplan, Chief Executive Officer
P. O. Box 190, Modiin, Israel
Tel: +972-50-487-8527

In Netherlands

Max Veenstra
Chairman The Netherlands
Tel: +31-65-052-5062

Latest Reports

Passover is April 5!

Quickly, Passover will be here.  Along with the necessary pre-cleaning for the holiday, most of the food for the entire holiday is purchased in advance.   Yet this is not the case for Israelis living in poverty.   Since it…

Cold Nights in Jerusalem

Winter this year has been on the cold side in Israel, however, in the cities that are at higher elevations, they are even colder.  In Jerusalem this year, the temperature has gotten down to -1 Deg. C (equals 30 Deg.F)…

Getting Ready for Israel’s Purim Holiday

With Purim three-day holiday beginning March 6, Israel Relief Aid is going back to the Ben Shemen Youth Village to help sponsor a Purim party to bring joy to 400 teenage placed kids Why does the youth village need help…

Golan Heights

Above the Sea of Galilee

Situated north of the Sea of Galilee, south of Mount Hermon and east of the Upper Galilee hills is the town of Katzrin in the Golan Heights.   With a population in 2021 of 7,606, Katzrin is the largest Israeli…

Lunch in the Galilee in Safety

On a beautiful day in January, 400 new immigrants from Ukraine and Russia were given a day trip to the Galilee in the north of Israel, history on the area and various sites, and a hot meal. For most of…

What A Scene

What a Scene

The whole downtown area of Tel Aviv is home to the homeless . . . here and there you will see them. It’s a scene that really reaches the heart. Hunger and homelessness often go hand in hand. Of course,…