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In Israel

Jo Kaplan, Chief Executive Officer
P. O. Box 190, Modiin, Israel
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In Netherlands

Max Veenstra
Chairman The Netherlands
Tel: +31-65-052-5062

Glimpse into Continuous Distribution

Israel Relief Aid’s partner network in the Ukraine area has not let up continuous distribution from warehouses in Europe direct to Ukraine.

This distribution was the most important item that can be given:  food.  And the most basic – bread.  Inexpensive, fills the tummy, feeds many from a bag of flour.  

Our European partners hauled trucks of huge sacks of flour (in our last update), and the ovens began working overtime to bake, bake, bake.  

Krzywy Rog, Ukraine

Israel Relief Aid collected your donations and wired them up to the warehouses where our partners are loading trucks full of aid.

Yes, you are making a difference! The Ukraine situation is not an easy task, but every amount of aid makes a difference. People are directly affected by your help!  Their smiles are for you, they are thank you’s that come from someone speaking a foreign language.  A smile is the best communicator.

Let’s keep on helping!

Earmark your donation with a designation for Project Rescue.