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More Than 50% of Kids in Jerusalem!

If we’ve never been to Israel but always wanted to go, Jerusalem usually always heads the top of the list.  So when new immigrants make aliyah, many want to live in the Holy Hill of Jerusalem. 

Although around a million Israelis live in Jerusalem, the Holy city has the highest number of poor and needy in the country – 41% of Jerusalemites!  Worse yet, more than 50% of children in Jerusalem live below the poverty line. 

The municipality of Jerusalem depends on registered nonprofits to help.  Israel Relief Aid has a network aid center in Jerusalem that is extremely busy with giving out whatever it has to Jerusalemites living below the poverty line. 

That’s why Israel Relief Aid’s November Project is dedicated to distributing food bags to Jerusalemites who live below the poverty line.  And Ukrainian immigrants and refugees will be given before anyone.

Your generous blessing will provide immediate food for the kitchen cupboard of these Ukrainian/Jerusalemite families. Join us in helping these precious souls so they feel the warmth of your love today.


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