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Sderot – Bombs . . . and Food Bags?

You may have heard that Sderot (Israeli city next to Gaza Strip) and the surrounding areas have recently been bombed by Palestinian terror groups again.  That means the traumatic red dawn alerts send men, women and children running in fear for their lives to the bomb shelter within 15 seconds (who can do that in 15 seconds?).

These are hard conditions under which to live! We must stand together and help each other when Israel is under attacked and after. The recovery process from such a traumatic event can be a long and arduous one.

That is why Israel Relief Aid is focusing on poverty-stricken Sderot in August with bags of nutritional Israeli food:  Pasta, humus, couscous, green beans, ptitim, peas, spaghetti, corn, baked beans, etc.  Come let’s help Sderot together!  Click here or on the donation link below to help: