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July: Let’s Give Them a Chance in Israel

Children fingerpainting

Every year the teachers give out lists of all school supplies that the children and youth, age 3 – 17, are required to show up with at school.  Yet, with 25% of Israelis living under the poverty line, where is the money going to come from to buy school supplies?  Adding up everything, it’s expensive!  And that’s not including the expensive books that they are required to buy, as nothing is provided by the schools, nor class fees for annual activities!

It’s not a fair balance in the classroom between kids from Ramat Aviv Gimmel in Tel Aviv, and the kids from the poor neighborhoods in Tel Aviv. When kids don’t have school supplies, they don’t feel or do well.  Let’s give these needy kids a chance to succeed.  This year we are focusing on one of the poorest areas of Tel Aviv. When money is tight to non-existent all year long, school supplies can’t be purchased!

Needed are school bags and also the items that go in the school bags:  paper, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, pens, colors, staplers, removers, glue sticks, notebooks, plastic sleeves, scissors, tape, name labels, pencil cases, etc.

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