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A significant number of soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces come from families living under the poverty line. 

Military service is already an extreme to challenging experience for soldiers, but for those who come from families in poverty, the challenges begin to mount. 

These soldiers are unable to bring the required basic supplies such as warm socks, winter undershirts or even hygiene supplies.

Israel Relief Aid wants to help.  Our goal for February is to provide as many soldiers as possible, that live under the poverty line, with gift cards for their local IDF supply store.

There they can use the money on the card for warm winter undergarments, thick winter socks, shoe laces, warm cap, gloves, and a multitude of other needs. Can we count on your help?

Also, our Winter Warm Campaign is continuing for February.  The goal is to reach every homeless person with coats, warm scarves, winter caps and all kinds of warm clothing. For the homeless – this is a life and death situation

Yet there are also all sorts of Israelis — elderly including Holocaust Survivors, new immigrants, the disabled, etc. having shelter but don’t have funds to heat that shelter.  That would require paying a high electric bill (which happens if a heater is run). 

Having a blanket for the sofa, a warm coat, scarf, gloves and winter clothing makes all the difference, as hypothermia can also happen inside an apartment! This is an important project and everyone’s help is needed to make it happen.  Let’s keep the Israeli nation warm!

Can we count on your help?