Chevra–Israel Relief Aid
711 W. Main Street, Box 110
Ovilla, TX 75154

In Israel

Jo Kaplan, Chief Executive Officer
P. O. Box 190, Modiin, Israel
Tel: +972-50-487-8527

In Netherlands

Max Veenstra
Chairman The Netherlands
Tel: +31-65-052-5062

There is a Need in the Holy Land

Supplying clothing to the Holy Land, the Promised Land . . . what a privilege it is to help new immigrants and struggling families of all types. 

Giving a sense of worth to families that are still going through culture shock, who don’t have funds to pay the bills, who live under the poverty line.  These are the Israelis that you’ll find at a humanitarian aid center.

Recently Israel Relief Aid brought in two aid containers to Haifa and Ashdod containing new children’s clothing and mens / womens / childrens mixed clothing.  It starts when the container unloads and the aid center management is excited to get their boxes of stock.  The excitement continues when the families pick out clothing for their family, for free.

It’s such a great feeling to be a part of blessing impoverished Israelis. 

“Give to those who ask, and don’t refuse those who wish to borrow from you.”

The next container is in planning in Holland.  To help click button below: 

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