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New Aid Container On the Water

Another new aid container filled with brand new children’s clothing is on its way from Hong Kong to Israel Relief Aid. 

Headed to the port in Haifa, the container is due to unload first in Haifa to serve the northern aid stations, and secondly to Ashdod, where all the central and southern region centers will arrive to pick up stock from the container.

What’s inside?  A huge amount of boxes of really great new kids’ clothes, perfect for Israel’s climate six months out of the year.

Who is earmarked for these clothes?  Israelis in need – meaning those living under the poverty line. New immigrants who can’t make ends meet. Families with disabled children. Families with at least one unemployed parent. Single-parent families. All kinds of other families that are simply struggling.

How do aid containers come in to Israel?  An aid shipper collects boxes or pallets of donated overstock goods (or donated goods from all sorts of ways) that companies want to move.  A container is ordered and stuffed and the doors are locked. The container is put onto a ship and sails to Israel where it is unloaded at the dock. Israel Customs at the port logs in the container and goes through a process of clearance.

A huge “container truck” tractor-trailer picks up the container with a crane and places it on the trailer and off it goes to the unloading sites.

All of this happens with the help of friends and donors like you, a critical part of the process.  Thank you for your great help!