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“If Your Enemy Is Hungry, Give Him Food”

Food Bags for Israel Relief Aid Reconciliation Project

Since June, Israel Relief Aid has been working on a reconciliation project unheard of in Israel. It is in the aftermath of intense riots in all cities where Muslim Arabs reside and thousands of bombs shot into Israel by Hamas. 

A food bag project was started, and in the bags are the non-perishables that Muslims Arabs eat, like rice, lentils, flour, pickles, green beans, chickpeas, peas, corn, cookies, etc.

These food bags have been slowly distributed to Muslim Arab families in poverty right in riot neighborhoods. 

On the bags is pasted a sign telling who the bag is from and tells the Jewish name of the local aid center.  Since it can be too dangerous for the aid center staff to distribute into the riot neighborhoods, Israel Relief Aid arranged an intermediary to deliver the gifts and talk to the recipients.

What happened?  Exactly what we were hoping for.  When you think about it, how angry can you be at someone who is giving you food to feed your hungry family?

The response was that the Muslim Arabs are shocked.  They ask, why would a Jew give food to an Arab?  At that point, there is a lot of room for all kinds of discussion.  In the end,the Muslim Arabs are always asking that blessings be given to the ones who supplied the food, and thatthese people are the hope of the Land.

This is such an exciting project, a life-changing project. 

To our supporters, a huge thank you for making this possible and changing all sorts of lives in Israel.