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In Netherlands

Max Veenstra
Chairman The Netherlands
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Yes, Real Israelis

In 2021 Israel Relief Aid has had an ongoing project to provide food for three shelters for new immigrants, and we have been doing that each month (like this picture in May) with a large food delivery of foods that they have asked for.

It becomes more real when you hear about the life of one of the families.  Irena Nehemiyah, an immigrant from Ukraine, married an Israeli five years ago. A year ago her husband died and she was left alone as a single mother of two young children and no income nor funds for rent, property taxes, utilities, or food.

Not knowing what to do, Irena asked around for help and heard about the Rishon LeZion shelter and made application.  Thankfully, there was room and they accepted her with her two children. (She’s in the picture above.)

Today, she is in the shelter with the two children, her payment for housing is minimal, her family is provided with food and this allows her not to worry about what to eat and where to live.   

Recently, Irena got a job and her life is being restored – she can foresee soon being able to support her children on her own in a rented apartment that they can afford on her new salary.

Thank you to all of our friends, especially the sponsors in Netherlands.  “Give and it shall be given unto you”