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During COVID Closure: Things We Can Still Do

Recently during the COVID closure here in Israel, aid distribution didn’t have to stop and wait. No!  Israel Relief Aid’s large network of aid centers throughout the country found out that the need was even greater during the closure (because of the inability to purchase at stores, which are closed).  For Holocaust Survivors, help with food is always the number one need . . . and second is personal contact to turn back the loneliness.

The favorite is always to receive a food bag and to see them in person. Those that are able to come, pick up on their own.  Survivors that are staying inside receive a personal visit. The food bags contain various items like canned goods with long shelf life, pasta, tomato paste, olive oil and sweet treats. 

The items are always purchased at wholesale prices, so the worth of each bag is substantial.

To each of you that participate(d) financially, we pass along a big “Thank You!” from the recipients.

It is such a wonderful blessing to help the nation of Israel this way!