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Blessing the Holocaust Survivors

In Israel’s Galilee district lies Nof HaGalil, adjacent to Nazareth.  Nof HaGalil is a home for many Holocaust Survivors . . . most struggling financially. 

This whole month of May, Israel Relief Aid is giving food gifts before the Shavuot holiday (which begins Thursday evening May 28).  These are food items of all sorts that they would not be able to buy themselves on their strict budget.  This is a great holiday blessing. 

Here in Israel, seniors are still advised not to leave their apartment except for buying food or medical care.  Problem is most of them are living below the poverty line.

It’s a great feeling to help them.  Thanks to you, we can distribute these blessing holiday foods on your behalf.  Giving, just as if you were right here in Nof HaGalil.

From them to you . . . a huge thank you and blessing for the Shavuot holiday!  Israel Relief Aid wishes you and your family good health!