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Jerusalem Food Distribution Continues

Israel Relief Aid Passover grocery delivery

Israel Relief Aid is building and distributing food boxes that are kosher for Passover and also can be used for general use after Passover.   These boxes will continue to be built and distributed on an ongoing basis after the holiday, as well.  Face masks are also being given out.

Israel Relief Aid Passover grocery delivery
Israel Relief Aid Passover grocery delivery

This distribution is for Jerusalem impoverished families and seniors (including Holocaust Survivors). 

These families have also received new and second-hand clothing from previous Israel Relief Aid shipping aid containers. 

Jerusalem is the hardest-hit city in Israel by the coronavirus.  As of April 12, four neighborhoods are being cordoned off for another four days.  We will be distributing in Ariel as well, after Passover.

The elderly in Jerusalem that have already received the food boxes for Passover were all afraid to go to the store and most didn’t even have matzo for Passover. They were so very grateful! Bless you for your help for Israel this month!