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Two Weeks Before Purim

Israel Relief Aid was asked to help one of the communities in Haifa to celebrate the Purim holiday including gifts to children in of the worst poverty-stricken areas.  Purim gifts and a holiday party are never something that impoverished kids get . . . sad!

Purim is a holiday that originated throughout the entire Middle East as recorded in the book of Esther in which there was to be no impoverished Hebrew family unable to celebrate. 

Yet today, with 30% of Israeli kids living below the poverty line, this seems to be an impossibility.   Israel Relief Aid knows where these kids are, and can find the most impoverished ones.  So, depending on donor response for this Purim appeal, together we have an opportunity to reach these kids … 

…to give them an unexpected smile instead of a frown, to show them the meaning of the holiday, that suddenly, things can be completely turned around.

In two weeks it is Erev Purim (March 9), and so the event date is set.  This outreach is running through the rest of this week, which ends with February 29; so we still have this 7 days to fund gifts.  May you be blessed as you bless Israel!