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You Are a Blessing in Israel

Rosh HaShanah at Karmiel Aid Center

You gave them a place to go for the holiday.  A big thank you from the new immigrants and Holocaust Survivors in Karmiel that frequent the aid center in Karmiel, and really depend on it – for helping Israel Relief Aid to create a memorable Rosh Hashanah evening and festive meal.

Rosh HaShanah at Karmiel Aid Center

It is an Israeli tradition on the New Year Holiday starting on Erev Rosh Hashana (Feast of Trumpets) actually to blow the trumpet, or shofar (ram’s horn).

Rosh HaShanah at Karmiel Aid Center

There is something special about hearing this special sequence of blasts . . . . to realize that destiny is not in our hands.

Rosh HaShanah at Karmiel Aid Center

This is a holiday that Israelis spend with their extended families, and they stay together for the full two and a half days of the holiday.  So, for new immigrants who don’t have family in Israel or for Holocaust Survivors who have no one here with them, it can be a lonely time.

Your partnership enables us to assist Israelis in need for the Holidays.  None should be left out. 

That’s why this Israel High Holiday Season (from Rosh Hashana, September 29, through Yom Kippur on October 8-9 to the end of Sukkot-Feast of Booths, October 21) Israel Relief Aid planned five events for the needy sectors in the Holy Land. 

If you participate during this High Holidays Season through October 21, there is a matching gift campaign which will enable you to double your investment to Israel. For details click photo below: