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In Jerusalem, You Give Them a Chance

Ethiopian Children

Israel Relief Aid’s school supplies project changes the lives of these children.  We give them the chance to succeed by providing them with a full variety of school supplies that are needed.

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The cost for school supplies per student in Israel is easily $270 or more, not including school fees, class committee fees, etc.

Israel continues to suffer from with too high of a percentage of children living under the poverty line.   For school supplies for the children, the money is just not there.

August being the month before school starts in Israel, we are targeting kids living in Jerusalem living under the poverty line

School supplies for Ethiopians in Israel

With your help, we are able to counter the poverty dilemma for welfare kids in a practical way by providing these kids with the tools they need to go to school and become like the other kids in class:  pencils, notebooks, special math notebooks, staplers, hole punches, glue sticks, it’s a never ending list. 

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