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Seeing Isaiah in Jerusalem

Israel Relief Aid was excited to take a busload of Holocaust Survivors, disabled and widows living under the poverty line to Jerusalem to see Isaiah  . . . the scroll in its original form, that is . . . at the “Shrine of the Book” Museum. 

Israel relief Aid June tour group

This group living under the poverty line does not have the funds to do a trip like this, or any trip really.

Israel Relief Aid tour luncheon

The trip included a full lunch. 

Israel Relief Aid tour participant

In this group of 18, 10 took books which included in them the Book of Isaiah, so that they could read it at home. 

Most, never having read Israel’s ancient writings, found it thrilling.

Israel Relief Aid wants to continue to put these kinds of tours on to give needy Israelis a nourishing meal, and a meaningful experience to their lives.  Be a part of touching the lives of needy Israelis!