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On the Hills of Tsfat and Nazaret Ilit

Some of the coldest places in Israel are in the Upper Galil mountains and hills.  Tsfat is one of Israel’s largest cities in the upper north of the country.  When snow comes, Tsfat is one of the first places it will fall in Israel. 

Volunteers help with winter coats to give out at aid center

So, Israel Relief Aid has gone to Tsfat and also Nazareth Ilit with supplies to help Israelis keep warm.

Nazareth Ilit is just below the Sea of Galilee. In winter, sometimes Nazareth Ilit gets snow as well.

That is why these jackets are cherished and appreciated.

Israel Relief Aid brought in an aid container to Israel filled with quality jackets for children and winter clothing.

Volunteers help with warm footwear to give out at aid center

Any type of warm footwear is helpful in Israel over the unpaved terrain. In our containers are also knitted blankets, baby blankets, bedding, thick bedspreads and all sorts of warm linens.

Blessings to all those who helped bring in this Winter Warm Campaign – for young Israelis and Holocaust Survivors and all those in between.