Food for Needy Israelis


The need of Israeli children and families is more serious than ever. 

  • One out of every three Israeli children now lives in poverty.  They go to bed with a gnawing hunger.  (Do we hear about this in the American media? No.) 
  • One in four Israelis overall—1.5 million Jewish people—lives below the poverty line.  Attacks by terror communities/Hamas, etc. have forced Israel to increase their defenses, straining the economy further.  Multitudes of Israelis are living a life of painful uncertainty, unsure about where their next meal will come from.
  • We see the heartbreaking sight of elderly Holocaust survivors   who immigrated to Israel with great joy years ago, now crowded into tiny apartments or even sleeping on park benches.  Scraping by, needing food.
  • Families living near Israel’s borders, where terrorist missiles and bombs can plummet from the skies at any moment, never know when they will need emergency shelter, food, and supplies.  

But there is good news—because your support of Israel Relief Aid enables us to be there for them in their hour of need.

Each month Israel Relief Aid prepares an aid event for a needy sector of the struggling population with food bags (the greatest need is food) and aid supplies tailored to each type of sector:  evacuees, Holocaust Survivors, homeless, disabled, immigrants, single parent families, unemployed, etc.

So please let me hear from you quickly.  Send your gift and let the impact of your love be seen in the lives of needy children and families in Israel. Just click on the Donate button.

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