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You Did It!

Impoverished children from 100 families living under the poverty line attended on Shushan Purim a holiday celebration and each received a traditional goodie box. 

AidDelivery March 2019

Another Aid Container Shipped!

New double mattresses, new white bed covers, new and second-hand clothes from Holland and the UK were placed in an Israel Relief Aid container and shipped this week! 

AidDelivery March 2019

Two Choices for Israel

Yay! It’s now Purim when the book of Esther (the megila) is read, with boo’s for Haman and Yea’s for Mordechai.  “Haman’s Ears” (or Hamen-taschen in Ashkenazi) triangle-shaped cookies filled with chocolate, dates, poppy seed, or all kinds of flavors…


One of the Oldest Settlements on Earth

Akko (also spelled Acco or Acre) occupies an important location, sitting in a natural harbor at one end of Israel’s Haifa Bay on the Mediterranean Sea.  Established during the Bronze Age, and continuously inhabited since then, it is among the…


The Pregnant Year

Around once every three years it happens:  the Hebrew leap year (literally “pregnant year” in Hebrew).  In order to assure that the lunar months of the Hebrew year stay in sync with the solar calendar, an additional month of Adar…

JerusalemTour 2

The Most Important Trip of Their Lives

Israel Relief Aid, in partnership with the Rishon LeZion aid center, organized a Jerusalem tour, including a hot lunch and entry fees for a busload of impoverished Israelis who would otherwise never get to go.  A main stop was a…

Karmiel 2 19 1

This Truck is Huge

Israel Relief Aid went to Karmiel in the north and Beer Sheva in the south of Israel to unload this huge aid container. 

Haifa, Israel

Ukrainian Immigrants Have a Problem

So many Ukrainian immigrants chose Haifa to settle.    Yet, as beautiful as Israel is, Ukrainian new immigrants have a problem.  When they make their immigration, usually they are coming to Israel with only two suitcases to hold all of their…

Loading 1 2019

Israel to Receive Winter Warm Container

Around 2000 new first class airline comforters, 3 pallets of pillows and pillowcases, over 600 cartons of clothing, a pallet of new blankets and another 100 large bags of clothing were loaded into an Israel Relief Aid container and trucked…