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A Day Unlike Any Other for these Israelis

Israel Relief Aid sponsored another unusual tour, this time to the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) including transport, a hot lunch and entry fees.  What’s different about this tour bus?  It is a load of Israelis living under the poverty line…

Disabled Youth in Garden Project

May Project: The Ben Shemen Day Center

If you have a heart for Israel and for young Israelis with disabilities, the Ben Shemen Day Center is a great project to work on. It looks like a rural kibbutz, but is right in central Israel not far from…

PesachMealRecipient MotherDaughter

Passover Blessings

Supermarket gift certificates and Passover food like matzo (unleavened bread special for the holiday) were distributed in Bat Yam by Israel Relief Aid thanks to donors who made this possible.

TelAvivBlanket 2019 family

Cold in Tel Aviv

This winter was an especially cold and long one. In fact, rain is due again for tomorrow, and the temperature has dropped again. With your help, Israel Relief Aid imported and supplied plush blankets to needy immigrants and families living…

Passover Seder 2018

Passover Update

Passover is less than 2 weeks away and we have some exciting news about our Pesach event this month.  In addition to the Passover food Israel Relief Aid will distribute in Bat Yam, we will also give supermarket gift certificates!