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Galilee Aid Center 2

The Look on Their Faces Tells It All

While many Ethiopian Jews have integrated nicely into Israeli society and serve in the IDF, police, sports, politics or entertainment, there is still widespread poverty and lack of opportunity.  Many have expressed feelings of being subjected to systemic bias, being second-class…


Added Blessings for 2019

Wow what a year this was!  You have enabled so much humanitarian aid to be dispersed throughout the Holy Land of Israel, twelve great monthly events, the special large events for Holocaust Survivors and new immigrants, and of course, aid…

Russian Women Receive Help Galilee Aid Center

Your Hand in Israel

Israel Relief Aid recently brought in a container with some great items in it and all the aid centers in the country that asked to receive some, all got a share.  When the aid center then offers these items from…


How Can You Bless Israel in December?

This 40-foot container from the Netherlands was just unloaded in Haifa and in Petach Tikvah.  Fifteen aid centers all over Israel were stocked from this one container, and two new aid centers were outfitted.

Volunteers cooking at the Tel Aviv Homeless Center

Lives Change at the Broken Hearts Café

Thank you to everyone who gave towards feeding the homeless in Israel! In November, Israel Relief Aid, with the help of its donors, purchased many kilos each of rice, lentils, pasta, cereal, buckwheat, beef, tea and sugar for the Broken…

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Broken Hearts Café

Someone asked me today whether homeless people like the life of freedom they are living and are they not living it by choice.

Pensioners NovemberTour

What Do Israeli Pensioners Need?

If we wanted to help impoverished Israeli pensioners in Israel, the first thing would easily be with a meal.  That’s the first basic need, and since they don’t have an income, simple basic needs like that become quite more important.