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Israel Relief Aid Directors

Max Veenstra

Max Veenstra, Chairman
Jack van der Tang
David Lazowski

Advisory Subcommittee:

Johan Schreuders, Austria
Nevill E. Smith, UK
Ralf Rosema, Germany
Dr. Barri Cae Seif, USA

In Israel:


Jo Kaplan, CEO


Israel Relief Aid, R.A. is an Israeli Registered non-profit organization (Amuta) (Reg. #580 605 087) with a team of experts with experience in humanitarian aid for 30 years, supplying humanitarian aid stations all over Israel — for new immigrants, the homeless, unemployed, single-parent families, the 30% of Israelis living under the poverty line.  We also supply to hospitals, children’s welfare villages, IDF nonprofits, Holocaust Survivor centers, facilities for the disabled and other institutions. Our motto: to show love to the Israeli nation not in word or speech alone, but in action

Our managerial-logistics professionals import  aid containers utilizing innovative and cost-effective methods – keeping running costs lower than normal with a funding rate of 75-80% towards the aid itself.  Supplementing this is monthly aid events of food boxes/bags/  meals/other aid — Helping Israelis in Poverty.

  • Our team in Israel has a working relationship with government structures and 22 years of experience in importing millions of dollars worth of aid in 600 large shipping containers!
  • Our team in Europe has its own logistics service, multiple warehouses, and experience in humanitarian projects around the world, shipping containers of aid to over 40 countries, supplying loads of aid to the Red Cross and working in the field since 1993 — sending out tens of thousands of aid shipments for three decades.

Our directors and advisors are experienced organization leaders and are ardent supporters of Israel.