Latest report on Israel war/activities

Israel Relief Aid: New Update from CEO Jo Kaplan – June 22 2024

War Overview — Update
–Evacuees: 90,100 Israelis remain evacuated –from the north and Gaza borders because of daily indiscriminate bombing on buildings
–There remain 120 abductees held by Sinwar, head of Hamas in the Gaza Strip for over 8 months, detained in unknown conditions.
Israel Under Attack From
–Hezbollah – Northern border with Lebanon/Syria, Golan and Galilee
–Gaza Strip border towns (Hamas)
–West Bank territories – Hamas/Islamic Jihad operatives continue violent attacks
–Houti’s continue bombing Eilat and ships; Iran – 300 missiles to Israel April 15

Emergency Aid Containers Update
–17 aid containers unloaded October-June, distributed to evacuees and
immigrants using innovative, direct source giving
–3 aid containers from UK, US and the Far East are in the loading process Evacuees and all Israelis living under the poverty line, are so very grateful for the items inside, like new shoes and new clothes. It gives them comfort and a great feeling that people care about them.

Thank you to those that have helped toward these containers –you are a great blessing!


As we prepare to pay for clearance of the next aid container, your financial help will help
toward bringing these huge loads into Israel – Helping Israelis in Poverty – Cost Effectively

Displaced and Evacuated Families
Bombing in the north continues to be heavy. The evacuees must stay away from the north, away from their homes and livelihoods in order to be safe. Israel Relief Aid is delivering requested food and supplies to evacuated families in Migdal by the Sea of Galilee around every two weeks. They greatly appreciate this help with needed items!

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IMG 20240617 WA0072.2
IMG 20240617 WA0073.1
IMG 20240617 WA0074.1

Volunteering, Yet Living on the

Poverty Line For volunteers with no family in Israel, they’re on their own. Israel Relief Aid, with the help of donor partners, singled out lone volunteers living under the poverty line in a shelter in Meveseret Zion, and provided gift cards for their local supply shop to get personal supplies that they need.

IMG 20240514 WA0012

These cards are going to help them pick up supplies like socks, T shirts, hygiene supplies, etc. This is such a great blessing for them and always gives them a feeling that someone cares about what they’re going through.

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IMG 20240514 WA0015.1

Thank you for supporting this unique sector of needy people in Israel.

Feeding New Ukrainian Immigrants

On Shavuot, 450 new Ukrainian immigrants were given a full holiday meal in Jerusalem. Coming from a crisis situation in Ukraine, they came only with a few things to their name.

It was an interesting time of hearing the history of ancient Jerusalem from ancient texts during the event. Then off to their first great meal in their new homeland – a large buffet lunch.


Nazareth – Reconciling the Unreconcilable

Food bags to anti-Israel families in an Israeli Arab city? There’s nothing that turns around a heart like a needed gift of food to feed a hungry family. The fact that there’s a war going on now makes this project all more real. It’s amazing to see these hearts soften with a simple gift and personal visit. This is a reconciliation project that can literally change people. Let’s together see how many lives can be changed from this.

Ben Shemen – Helping Where the Welfare

Department Can’t The Ben Shemen day center for disabled young people is a refuge for them in their whirlwind.

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However, kitchen supplies are needed, and there is no budget for it: plates, cups, silverware, pots and pans, and also they’ve asked for craft work supplies. Receiving these requested items would be a great blessing for the staff, the youth and the families! Let’s together give the center these items! You can be a part of the everyday life of the Israelis with these June projects in the heart of Israel.