Israel Relief Aid: Three Unique June Projects for Helping Israelis in Poverty

How to connect with everyday life in Israel?  Here’s three projects for you:

Jerusalem – For Shavuot

A trip to Jerusalem and lunch for 450 Ukrainian immigrants – for most, it will be their first time for such a thing.  They are all living under the poverty line, struggling to make living in Israel work out.  This kind of event is a great boost for their spirits.  They’ll learn a lot during the meeting time as well.  Israel Relief Aid invites you to join in and not only feed these families, but encourage them as well.

Israel Relief Aid
Israel Relief Aid

Nazareth – Reconciling the Unreconcilable at Shavuot

Food bags to anti-Israel families in an Israeli Arab city?  There’s nothing that turns around a heart like a needed gift of food to feed a hungry family.  The fact that there’s a war going on now makes this project all more real.  It’s amazing to see these hearts soften with a simple gift and personal visit.  This is a reconciliation project that can literally change people.  Let’s together see how many lives can be changed from this.

Ben Shemen – Helping Where the Welfare Department Can’t

With the war going on, prices are rising and government budgets are dropping.  This is where we together come in.

The Ben Shemen day center for disabled young people is a refuge for them in their whirlwind.  It’s a place they are using to going on weekdays, giving the parents respite.  

However, kitchen supplies are needed, and there is no budget for it:  plates, cups, silverware, pots and pans, and also they’ve asked for craft work supplies.

Israel Relief Aid

Receiving these requested items would be a great blessing for the staff, the youth and the families!  Let’s together give the center these items! 

You can be a part of the everyday life of the Israelis with these June projects in the heart of Israel. Helping Israelis in poverty – Cost Effectively