Serving Israel Yet Living Under the Poverty Line

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When Israel called up 300,000 reserve soldiers in October, the deficits in supplies could be easily seen.

For lone soldiers with no family in Israel, supplies are near non-existent.

Israel Relief Aid would like to single out these lone soldiers, who are living under the poverty line in shelters, to receive gift cards to their local supply shop to get personal supplies that they need.  

These cards will allow them to get supplies like socks, T shirts, hygiene supplies, flashlights or helpful tools, etc.

Israel Relief Aid’s project for May is to provide these gift cards that they simply take to the local supply shop. 

This will be a great blessing for them and give them a feeling that someone cares about what they’re going through.

You are invited to help these special ones serving in Israel.  You can support the nation of Israel is this great way, especially at this time when Israel is being attacked on literally all sides.

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