Israel is Under Iranian Attack

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The nation of Israel suffered a murderous massacre on October 7 wherein 1200 people were slaughtered /burned and around 5000 wounded:  grandparents, women, children, babies

Over 220 people also were abducted into Gaza by Iranian-backed Hamas (as of this writing, 133 remain abducted in Gaza).

Israel has remained under attack from scattered Hamas bombs on its cities in the Gaza border area which has made Israelis afraid to return to their homes.

Second, Iran directed Hezbollah to begin attacking Israel’s northern border from Lebanon and Syria and heavy bombing continues. 200,000 Israelis were evacuated from the northern border and as of this writing, 90,000 Israelis remain evacuated.

Thirdly, Iran directed its Houthi’s in Yemen to bomb Israel’s southern border and hijack all ships in the area related in any way to Israel.

Fourth, on April 14 in the early hours, Iran sent 300 missiles at one time to Israel.  Amazing, 99% were shot down before entering Israel.

What is needed?  For the evacuees–many need food and household supplies like laundry detergent, etc. (shelter is provided by the government).  They are still paying for their rent/mortgage during this time on their home/apartment in the north, while they live in temporary quarters.

Israel Relief Aidhas focused on helping those evacuees that need, on a weekly basis.  We are currently supplying the large group of evacuees in Migdal by the Sea of Galilee who are in guest houses but without food/household supplies.  Please join in this effort and help the Israeli evacuees today.