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Passover is April 22!

Very soon the Passover Seder will be here! Along with the necessary pre-cleaning for the holiday, most of the food for the entire holiday is purchased in advance.  

Yet this is not the case for Israelis living in poverty.  

Since it is forbidden to eat bread or leavened food at Pesach, matzot (unleavened bread) must be purchased in advance.  


This is where Israel Relief Aid’s Passover food bags come to save the day.  In Bat Yam, just south of Tel Aviv, a distribution of bags/boxes of special Passover food will be made to those verified as living in poverty, including Holocaust Survivors.


Also in Haifa, a distribution of boxes will be made to Ukrainian immigrants in poverty.

You are invited to join in to these Passover projects for Israelis who don’t have funds for Passover foods.  

They will be blessing you!  To take part, designate your gift for “Passover”.