Israel is Under Attack!

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The nation of Israel suffered a murderous massacre on October 7 wherein 1200
people were slaughtered/burned and around 5000 wounded: grandparents, women, children, babies Over 220 people also were abducted into Gaza by Iranian Hamas.

Israel remains under attack from scattered Hamas bombs on its cities in the Gaza border area.

Iranian Hezbollah joined the attack on Israel from Lebanon and Syria and is heavily bombing and trying to infiltrate Israeli cities from the north.

Iranian Houthi’s in Yemen have tried to bomb Israel’s southern border and hijacking any ship in the area related in any way to Israel.

120,000 Israelis are still evacuated from their homes along the northern border, many needing food (shelter is provided by the government). Most are still paying for their rent/mortgage during this time on their home/apartment in the north, while they live in the central district.

For the families of the remaining 134 abductees, families of soldiers serving long terms of duty, and the 120,000 evacuees from the north, the situation is traumatic. We need YOUR prayerful support. 

Your emergency gift will provide assistance needed RIGHT NOW.