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Shall We Not Give the Orphans a Purim Fest This Year?

Yes! This year more so!  With the Iran-Israel war in progress, this historical holiday has the opportunity to be a holiday of miracles in our days as it was in ancient Iran (Persia) in the days of its Queen Esther and its Prime Minister Mordechai. In contrast, the king of ancient Iran in those days gave favor to the ancient Israelis.

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On October 7 and the days following, the hearts of all Israelis were crushed day after day as realities of what happened unfolded, including the 400 welfare-placed kids/teen orphans at Ben Shemen Youth Village.  

On March 23, the Purim three-day holiday begins and Israel Relief Aid is going back to these kids to lift up their spirits from heartache and depression to help with a Purim celebration.  

Remember, youth villages do not receive in their government stipends anything special for holidays.  


For instance, no traditional Oznei Haman (Hamentaschen)/Haman’s Ears cookies.

With your help, there will be a celebration. Help us lift the spirits of these orphans, for such a time as this.