Latest report on Israel war/activities

Update from CEO Jo Kaplan – January 13, 2024

War Overview

–Evacuees:  There have been 217,900 from the north border and Gaza border.

–There remain 136 abductees from Israel held by Sinwar, head of Hamas in the Gaza Strip for over 3 months.  

–Bombings into Israel – more than 12,500 since October 7, 2023:

–Iran’s Hezbollah bombing along the northern border with Lebanon and Syria continues daily. 

–From the west, Iranian-backed Hamas in the Gaza Strip continues to bomb that area of Israel daily.  

–Yemen’s Iran-backed Houti’s continue bombing international ships in the Red Sea.  

–Hamas operatives in the West Bank territory continue with violent attacks.

Emergency Aid Containers Update

 –8 aid containers have unloaded and been distributed to evacuees and immigrants

–3 aid containers from Poland are on the water to Israel

–3 aid containers from Poland, the US and Hong Kong are in the loading process

  our financial help at this time will help to bring huge loads into Israel to meet the need.

**Next week a special container is due to process Customs to be distributed: 

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Israel Container Update – January 8, 2024

 –the second half of the container is designated to a professional sports club for a youth-encouragement program in two locations near the Gaza border.  When the bombing has stopped and it’s safe outdoors in that area, this well-known sports club will distribute soccer uniforms, sport shoes and sports clothing to the young people.  A sports program will be held for those kids to lift their spirits, and those of their families, get them outdoors and back in good physical condition.   

We are so very thankful to our wonderful container donors from Poland and the UK who have been coming through in our time of need, with this huge amount of evacuees.  

These wouldn’t be possible without the help also of each of our donors who collectively enable humanitarian aid like this in Israel.  Your hand extended here in Israel.

Displaced and Evacuated Families

Israel Relief Aid continues with weekly food provision to the Bat Yam families who were evacuated from the northern border. In Bat Yam, while the evacuees were given hotel rooms, food was not included.  

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Update From CEO Jo Kaplan – January 6, 2024
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The situation in the north is that Hezbollah bombs indiscriminately fall on civilian homes, cars, public places.  So it’s not safe for them to go back home.  Most of them are paying for the home in the north – rent or mortgage – plus living expenses in Bat Yam.  They greatly appreciate this provision of food!

January Projects

Israel Relief Aid December Project Slider 1500 x 600

The temperature in Israel is diving and Israeli Relief Aid is providing winter jackets, warm clothing, blankets, etc. all over the country in our Winter Warm Campaign.

Secondly, the Lod Senior Center (where there is a high percentage of Holocaust Survivors) told Israel Relief Aid of a need for outdoor seating. 

Lod is a poverty city, so they rely on charities for anything over their basic budget.

In the past Israel Relief Aid provided the patio cover in outside area (see picture below) so the space could be used, despite heat many months of the year, or strong brightness. Since that time, the center lacks sturdy outdoor seating which would create a quiet relaxing place to sit and talk or just be outside.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day is January 27, and it’s an ideal day to provide them the outdoor. seating they lack. Let’s do this for the Holocaust Survivors!

International Holocaust Remembrance Day is January 27
International Holocaust Remembrance Day is January 27
International Holocaust Remembrance Day is January 27