Update from CEO Jo Kaplan – January 6, 2024

War Overview 

–There have been 217,900 Israeli evacuees from the north border and Gaza border.

–There remain 136 abductees from Israel held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip for over 3 months, and are being sought.

–Iran’s Hezbollah bombing along the northern border with Lebanon and Syria has become more recurrent. From the west and south, Iranian-backed Hamas in the Gaza Strip continues to bomb Israel daily.  Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi’s continue bombing  international ships heading for Israeli ports through the Red Sea.  Bombings into Israel – more than 12,500 since October 7, 2023.

Emergency Aid Containers Update

–8 aid containers have unloaded and been distributed to evacuees and immigrants

–2 aid containers from Poland are on the water to Israel

–2 aid containers from the US and Hong Kong are in the loading process

Your financial help at this time will help to bring huge loads into Israel to meet the need.  

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Displaced and Evacuated Families 

Israel Relief Aid continues with weekly food provision to the Bat Yam families who were evacuated from the northern border.  In Bat Yam, while the evacuees were given hotel rooms, food was not included.  

IMG 20231231 WA0060.1
IMG 20231231 WA0057.1
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The families are too afraid to go back up to the north, where bombs indiscriminately fall on civilian cities. Rightly so!

They greatly appreciate this provision of food!

Sderot Families Who Didn’t Evacuate 

There are some 3000 people living in the city at this time. 

The Sderot Aid Center has received food to distribute from Israel Relief Aid and we will follow with distribution pictures. 

IMG 20231210 WA0023.1
IMG 20231210 WA0012.1

Homeless Café in Tel Aviv 

A large hot water urn and large microwave oven were gifted to the homeless café, and a large stock of food.  

They were so thankful for blessing the homeless!

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