Update from CEO Jo Kaplan – December 16, 2023

War Overview

There remain 135 abductees from Israel detained by Hamas in the Gaza Strip which are being sought. Israel continues to be bombed in the north from Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria and in the west from Hamas in the Gaza Strip, as well as from the south from the Houthi’s in Yemen.  There remain still some 140,000+ Israeli evacuees.

Emergency Aid Containers Update:


5 aid containers have unloaded and been distributed to evacuees and immigrants

– 1 aid container from Netherlands is unloading tomorrow, containing new men’s shoes and adult sport shoes, as well as lots of clothing

– 3 aid containers from UK/Poland are on the water to Israel

– 2 aid containers are in the loading or planning process

Displaced and Evacuated Families

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Israel Relief Aid continues with weekly food provision to the Bat Yam families who were evacuated from the northern border. In Bat Yam, while the evacuees were given hotel rooms, food was not included nor toiletries, clothing, etc.


The Sderot Aid Center has asked Israel Relief Aid to provide food for 100 bags of food that they will distribute.  

Although most in the Gaza border area have not been able to return to their homes, a few have and some refused to leave during forced evacuations.

There are some 3000 people living in the city at this time and they have 20 seconds to enter a bomb shelter when they hear the air raid siren. Most of the daily bombing has been in that area.  

Receiving a bag of food supplies would be a great blessing for any family there right now.

Please join in this effort.

In Ashdod, not far from the Gaza border, Israel Relief Aid sponsored a hot lunch for 200 immigrants, encouraging them and helping them fight their fears from the bombs.

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Homeless Café in Tel Aviv 

Holiday food

Now more than ever we need to not forget the homeless.  

The Café has been operating without a hot water urn and without a microwave.  

We want to gift them these items as well as a month’s stock of food to make the meals!