Sderot War Aid

Sderot War Aid

Sderot-niks (a few minutes from the Gaza border) – how tired they are of all the bombs every day but still refused to leave their homes!

The families of Sderot are heroes, holding onto the Land, which is Israel’s through the wailing of air raid sirens.

Let’s stand with them!

The Sderot Aid Center has asked for food bags to help the thousands remaining in their homes even though thousands in the Gaza “envelope” have evacuated.

What will help? Nutritional family food like:  rice/lentils, peas, green beans, pasta/buckwheat, couscous/humus, spaghetti, tomato sauce, etc. but also some chocolate (for the stress!).

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Getting a food bag is such an encouragement for them and shows that someone cares. It’s a great blessing for all concerned – including a blessing on the donors as well!  

This is a great project and we’ll be glad we helped, when this war is all over. Thank you in advance for joining in!