Let’s Feed Homeless Israelis in December!

Even though Israel was hit with a war unexpectedly, Israel Relief Aid published that we would feed the homeless for the month of December, and we decided to go ahead with the Tel Aviv Homeless Café project, as we don’t want to leave the homeless to starve while we’re busy with war aid.

This year, the café has asked for two gifts:  a large hot water urn for making tea and coffee, and also a large microwave for heating food and also cooking.

Can you believe they’ve been operating without these items! 

lineup 1 lg

Bulk food stuffs like (sugar packets, tea, cornflakes, lentils, rice, pasta, buckwheat, etc.) will arrive and teams will prepare big batch meals.

The café gives out 500+ meals a week!

pic 2 lg scaled

Giving to the destitute by providing them a basic need of a free meal is a joyful thing to do. 

Join in and let’s help the café feed the homeless in Israel!  

“The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.”