Displaced and Evacuated Families

Israel Relief Aid is providing food to the evacuated families at Ben Shemen Village which especially took in many evacuated families with children.  Bottles of water, plain cookies, tuna, corn, halva, chocolate spread, crackers, humus, disposable plates, cups, forks, knives.

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In Bat Yam and Hadera, while the evacuees were given hotel rooms, food was not included nor toiletries, clothing, etc. 

Israel Relief Aid has begun giving weekly food provision to the Bat Yam families from the northern border, where bombs continue to reign down from Hezbollah in Lebanon.

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In Bat Yam, Ashdod, the Dead Sea, Hevron, Ashkelon and Hadera, vanloads will begin next week of 100 cartons each of clothing and toiletries for vulnerable groups and evacuated families.

These families are so appreciative and thankful!  

This food is a godsend for them. With your help, we can keep providing it until they can return home! 

Displaced and Evacuated Families