10 Aid Containers For Israel

2 containers from Poland unloading this week
3 containers from UK and Netherlands due the following week
5 containers from California, UK, Poland and Hong Kong loading

10 Aid Containers For Israel

Unloading Thursday and Sunday in Haifa and Ashdod are two containers from Poland. Inside are new clothing and new sport shoes.  

Nearly all the aid centers throughout Israel are distributing to the 200,000 evacuees from the northern border and from the southern Gaza Strip border area.


One of the UK containers next week is filled with a variety of new winter clothing and toiletries earmarked for vulnerable groups, evacuated families and immigrants to Israel in 2023.  The other two containers next week contain more needed clothing, bedding and other necessities.

Two more containers from Poland containing more new clothing and shoes are now being loaded, as well as two containers from the UK, and one from California.


The Hong Kong container is also in process.

Some of these containers require shipping funds to get to Israel, and all of these container require funds to clear customs/port when they get to Israel.