Update from the CEO Nov. 14 – Israel Relief Aid Activity

Emergency Containers Update:

2 containers from Poland arrive this week
2 containers from UK due the following week
1 container from Netherlands due also the following week
5 containers from California, China, UK, and Hong Kong loading


Inside the containers are clothing, bedding, shoes, toiletries, paper cups, etc. Each container can be worth 250,000 ils if purchased in Israel.

Upon arrival to Israel, each container has to go through the port/customs process as usual, at a cost of usually 15,000 ils per container. This cost is only 6% of the value of the contents of the container and is the least expensive way to come up with a huge amount of aid for the 200,000 evacuees from the northern border and from the southern Gaza Strip border area.

Your financial help at this time will help to bring huge loads into Israel to meet the need. Thank you in advance for your blessing! 

Displaced and Evacuated Families

Israel Relief Aid was invited to help the evacuated families at Ben Shemen with food.  This village has taken on many evacuated families with children.  Requested food list: Bottles of water, plain cookies, tuna, corn, halva, chocolate spread, crackers, humus, disposable plates, cups, forks, knives.

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Also, in Bat Yam and Hadera, while the evacuees were given hotel rooms, food was not included nor toiletries, clothing, etc. Israel Relief Aid has committed to this project as well for weekly food provision.

In Bat Yam, Ashdod, the Dead Sea, and Hadera, soon vanloads will begin to take 100 cartons each of clothing and toiletries to the evacuated families.