Update from the CEO Nov. 4 – Israel Relief Aid Activity

Overview/Immediate Threat

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Iran has been attacking Israel from three locations:  Hamas in the East, Hezbollah at the north border with Lebanon and Syria, and the Iranian-backed Houti’s in Yemen in the south. The US, Britain and China all have warships outside Israeli waters and in the Red Sea to the south.  

Iranian Hezbollah has made a new threat that next week it will change to a broader more severe phase, mentioning US bases in Syria and Iraq. Could it turn into an Iran-US war?  Including the Russia/China/North Korea axis and US/Israel/Britain axis? What will be the effect on the ground in Israel? Soon enough we will see.

5 Emergency Containers On the Water, 5 More Loading

Aid containers from the Poland, UK, and Netherlands will arrive to Israel in another two weeks. Another five are in the loading process from California, Hong Kong, China, Switzerland and UK. Inside the containers are clothing, bedding, shoes, toiletries, paper cups, etc.  Each container can be worth 250,000 ils if purchased in Israel.


Upon arrival to Israel, each container has to go through the port/customs process as usual, at a cost of usually 15,000 ils per container. This cost is only 6% of the value of the contents of the container, so obviously the least expensive way to come up with a huge amount of aid for the 125,000 evacuees from the northern border and from the southern Gaza Strip border area.

Your financial help at this time will help to bring huge loads into Israel to meet the need.  Thank you in advance for your blessing! 

Displaced and Evacuated Families 

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Israel Relief Aid was invited to help the evacuated families at Ben Shemen with food, and the first delivery truck will arrive this coming week. In Bat Yam, while the evacuees were given hotel rooms, food was not included nor toiletries, clothing, etc.  Israel Relief Aid has committed to this project as well and will start food provision first. In Bat Yam, Ashdod, the Dead Sea, and Hadera, soon vanloads will begin to take 100 cartons each of clothing and toiletries to the evacuated families.