Update from the CEO – Israel Relief Aid Activity

Displaced and Evacuated Families

Two more loads of food have been delivered to a guest house full of evacuated families from the northern border and displaced/evacuated families from the Gaza border area of Israel.  

In this guest house are families that had to run for their life or were forced from their home, or were given a place to go after their home was bombed, etc. Many of these families are suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Fortunately, this is a quiet, pastoral location in which they can rest around families that understand what they are going through.

These families are so appreciative and thankful! This food is a godsend for them. With your help, we can keep providing it through these long war days!

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8 Aid Containers On Their Way

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Two aid containers are in process of shipping already to Israel and another six are in the loading process. Inside the containers are mostly all new items – clothing, bedding, shoes, blankets, sleeping bags, towels, etc. Each container can be worth 250,000 ils if purchased in Israel.

These containers are being packed in the UK, Poland, California, Hong Kong and China by lovers of Israel. Each container has to go through the port/customs process in Israel as usual, at a cost of usually $5000 per container.  

Your financial help at this time will help to bring huge loads into Israel to meet the need.  Thank you in advance for your blessing!