Update from the CEO:  Israel Relief Aid Activities

The first week of October, as originally planned, Israel Relief Aid supplied bags of food to those living under the poverty line in the struggling city of Ramle. 


On October 7 our goals for the month changed with the Hamas attack on Israel, killing 1400 and seriously wounding 4,475. Needs began to come to us one after another.

The first one–one of the most important brigades in the IDF needed help with an expensive specialty vest for the entire brigade. This is the brigade that goes into blown-up buildings to find and rescue people, including on upper floors of a damaged building – very dangerous!  They are heroes. 

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An IDF approved manufacturer was located here in Israel and we went and picked them up and delivered them right to the IDF base. They were rejoicing! You can see some of them in the picture.

Secondly, one of our employees at Israel Relief Aid lives in Sderot, which was infiltrated at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 7 by Hamas terrorists, shooting people in large quantities. Our employee could hear the shooting on the street behind. The family ran for their lives and were able to get out, and they are alive today. They then became one of over 13,000 evacuated families, who left their homes in haste with little or nothing with them.

After moving from one guest house to another, our employee’s family decided on a location that was good for them–was free, provided lunches and dinners for all the evacuated families. 

Missing, though, was the breakfasts. Israel Relief Aid has been excited to start providing breakfast foods for all these evacuated families. However, we’re going to need help as we continue for as long as the war last. Will you join us?

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