Sukkot Cheer | Israel Relief Aid

The Sukkot holiday is approaching quickly in Israel . . . . . and what does that mean?  Gatherings with family and friends in the sukkah (holiday outdoor booth). Just another reason to have appropriate clothing to wear.  

In the north of Israel it gets colder at night much earlier than in the central district.  Sitting in the sukkah can be too chilling. What is needed is some Autumn clothing in the dresser.

Sukkot Cheer
Sukkot Cheer

For new immigrants from Ukraine, there’s not much at all in the dresser, if they even have a dresser. They are in need of this clothing not only for themselves, but for all their children, all their family.

Because of you, Israelis are getting clothed. They are thrilled to get what they need for Sukkot.  

Thank you!